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Utilising Mental Faculties
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With over 500 Corporates
booking him Repeatedly in 30 Key Countries
and with local and international media
covering him regularly....
Deepak RAO, is recognised as
a Star Performer, Conference Energiser
and  Corporate Celebrity !

Surely  –  this tall, slim, mortal, could not have asked for a better
talent, for it ingrains unforgettable memories, thru’ some inimitable presentations, while proving all along to young minds that...
‘Nothing is Impossible’ to Achieve !
'Extra Sensory Perception' Show
( A Case Study in MOTIVATION )

Applauded as the ‘Single-most classy form of Edu-tainment’ in Asia, today - Deepak RAO’s – incredible ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show....
is designed to zap distinguished audiences, with never-seen-before presentations in - Telepathy, Tele-kinesis, Intuition, Premonition,
Deja Vu, Clairvoyance, etc.
In fact, Deepak RAO is the only one in Asia, Far East, Middle East, Africa and even Australia.... who presents this particular form of a science....
while proving all along that ‘Impossible’ is just an opinion !

“Most people use only 5% to 15% of their mental faculties, while few use 15% to 25%”.  "The ‘ESP’ Show.... is a demonstration, involving mental abilities to the maximum !”  –  Deepak RAO


While playing low-key.... RAO, had been casually presenting this
60 minute ‘ESP’ Show to corporates, since 1992.  

It's only since 2003, he has taken seriously to ‘Shows’, stunning - Corporate India, South East Asia and Indian audiences in
Middle East, Africa, Europe and the US.

Deepak RAO is ALSO known as India's numero uno Conference Energiser !!


Our Office in Bombay - Mahim (W)
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