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Madhu Rao - Director - Aventis Pharma :
( Long after the show ) :

We had this International Conference for Aventis.... in Goa....

The theme of the workshop was the  ' Power of the Mind '....
We had heard of Deepak Rao.

We had a group coming from Middle East,  Africa,  Eastern Europe,
Asia Pacific........  and the 1 hour show..... literally floored them !

This was about 2½ years back and I still vividly recall every moment of it.
I admire Deepak Rao.


Nitin Paranjpe - CEO India - Unilever
( Immediately after the show ) :

I have experienced Mr. Deepak Rao's show before, and this is the
2nd time I am seeing him..... and cannot tell you how amazed I am....

I am at a loss of words.... and don't know what to say.....
No doubt,  that I speak on behalf of everyone out here.....
that It's been a fascinating evening.


Vikas Shirodkar - VP HRD - Johnson & Johnson :
( Introducing before the show ) :

Some of us have had the privilege of listening to Mr. Deepak Rao,
and seeing his performance at different occasions.... and I can tell you....
it's a very very mind boggling kind of experience, to say the least.....
in which you will also participate.


Manoj Chandra - Head Corp. Comm. - RPG :
( 1 year after the show ) :

We had invited Deepak Rao for a Group Conference for RPG.
It was a fantastic experience.... and a show,  that was simply wonderful !

I don't think, people had experienced, such a feeling before !

Something so mystical about this man,  who I see,  as one of the best
presenters,  that we have in Corporate India today.


Sudhir Sohoni - VP - Ceat :

The show was absolutely out of this world !

Had not seen anything like this before......
It was amazing to see Deepak actually read people's minds !
Its a simply scintillating show.....  I give him full marks - 10 on 10.


Gautam Nagwekar - President - Mahindra & Mahindra : Tractors

I have met Deepak a couple of times and have seen his shows. 
I just don't have words to describe it !

I think that the kind of mind power, that he displays….
and makes the impossible…. possible..... so effortlessly….
leaves the audience absolutely stunned  &  speechless.  

I would love to get to know Deepak even more....


Sorab Mistry - ( Exec. Director - Asia Pacific ) - McCann Erickson :

There are only a few people in the world today,  who have the gift of
Extra Sensory Perception.     The exciting show speaks for itself !


Shruti Bhatt - Debonair Magazine :

Deepak Rao is the most extra ordinary man, I have ever met.
Yet, he's ordinary like you and I....

He's fun loving, has a busy social calendar, wears jeans and can,
make you laugh.

>> Press Review

Purshottam Baliga - President - Jet Airways :

Cannot imagine, how he does it.   Seeing is believing !


Suresh Pai - ( Exec. Director ) - IndusInd Bank :

We chose the theme..... as the ' Mind '...... for our Corporate Client Meet
in Singapore.

Not only the power of the mind, people could appreciate….
they also relished this particular performance of Mr. Rao.


Jayanthu Udupu - ( Zonal Manager ) - HDFC :

Second time I am seeing Mr. Rao's show,  and they are top-notch.


Beena Nair - ( Advisor ) - HDFC :

It was too good to believe.    I was just zapped !!!
I was just sitting there….   I would loved to go up on stage….
but see my hands…. they are still cold.


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